How much retirement income will you need? How much life insurance is enough? What type of IRA is right for you?

Our financial calculators are designed as educational tools to help you estimate answers to common financial questions. They are not intended to predict future returns or results. Simply click on one of the general financial topics below and you'll find a selection of easy-to-use calculators about related financial topics.

These calculators are hypothetical examples used for illustrative purposes and do not represent the performance of any specific investment or product. Rates of return will vary over time, particularly for long-term investments. Investments offering the potential for higher rates of return also involve a higher degree of risk of loss. Actual results will vary.


  • Loan Payoff竞彩官方赔率分析

    How much will it cost to pay off a loan over its lifetime?

  • Home Affordability竞彩官方赔率分析

    Estimate of the maximum amount of financing you can expect to get when you begin house hunting.

  • Mortgage Refinancing竞彩官方赔率分析

    Determine whether you should consider refinancing your mortgage.

  • Mortgage Acceleration竞彩官方赔率分析

    This calculator can help you determine how soon you can pay off your mortgage.


  • Cost of Retirement竞彩官方赔率分析

    Use this calculator to estimate how much income and savings you may need in retirement.

  • Impact of Inflation竞彩官方赔率分析

    Estimate the future cost of an item based on today’s prices and the rate of inflation you expect.


  • Federal Income Tax竞彩官方赔率分析

    This calculator can help you estimate your annual federal income tax liability.

  • Tax-Deferred Savings竞彩官方赔率分析

    Compare the potential future value of tax-deferred investments to that of taxable investments.

  • IRA Eligibility竞彩官方赔率分析

    Use this calculator to determine whether you qualify for the different types of IRAs.


  • College Funding竞彩官方赔率分析

    Use this calculator to estimate the cost of your child’s education, based on the variables you input.

  • Savings Goals竞彩官方赔率分析

    How much do you need to save each year to meet your long-term financial goals?

  • Savings Accumulation竞彩官方赔率分析

    Estimate the future value of your current savings.


  • Cash Flow Analysis竞彩官方赔率分析

    This Cash Flow Analysis form will help you weigh your income vs. your expenses.

  • Net Worth竞彩官方赔率分析

    A balance sheet summarizes your assets and liabilities and reveals your net worth.

  • Lifetime Earnings竞彩官方赔率分析

    This calculator is designed to help you attach a dollar figure to your life’s work.


  • Life Insurance竞彩官方赔率分析

    How much life insurance would you need to produce a sufficient income stream for your family?

  • Life Expectancy竞彩官方赔率分析

    Knowing your likely life expectancy is an important factor in making long-term financial plans.

  • Disability Income Insurance竞彩官方赔率分析

    How much Disability Income Insurance do you need?